Measuring, Calculating and Weighing: The Misguided Human Need to Quantify Everything

As a species us human beings spend an awful amount of time calculating, measuring, monitoring & counting. Over time, humans have become driven and sometimes obsessed with the act of quantifying. We count days. We count time. We weigh our options. We weigh our bodies. We measure progress. We measure success. Organizations are driven by data, statistics, […]

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Secrets and Lies

This is a post about the secrets and lies we tell ourselves and we tell others. It is about the tricky secrets and the tricky lies. The ones we tell because we feel ashamed or uncomfortable about the truth. The ones we tell because it is easier than being honest or being vulnerable. I’ll start with […]

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The myth of linearity

The idea of linearity in life is one that I believe lands many of us in trouble. From early childhood we are socially conditioned to expect life to progress in a linear fashion, from school to university, to adulthood, to marriage, to children, to retirement. The myth of linearity siloes life into a straight and narrow […]

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Eating Disorders and Millennials

A recent BBC article found that the number of hospital admissions for teenagers suffering from eating disorders in the UK has nearly doubled in the past three years. In the United States nearly 30 million people suffer from an eating disorder and 95% of those with eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and […]

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A note on depression

I feel a sense of duty to write about depression, as someone who has lived with it for many years. I feel this sense of responsibility simply because the topic is still so incredibly stigmatized. Talking about your struggles with mental health and depression is still very much a cringe-inducing experience for many people in front […]

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That Four Letter ‘F’ Word

FEAR. How much of our lives do we feel it? How many opportunities or experiences lie on the other side of a great valley of fear? I feel it as a Millennial. Hell, everyone feels it. But Fear for a Millennial is slightly different than the fear of past generations. For many Millennials, the fear […]

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