I am an old soul and Millennial currently in the process of learning, exploring, discovering and figuring ‘it’ out. I was inspired to launch this blog to create a community of people who may identify with my experiences or with the ideas and themes that I write about.

A self-described Global Nomad, I have never felt rooted to one place, one idea or one culture. I want to challenge the idea of boundaries, separateness and categories. The world is a seamless, incredible and magical place and I believe that we each have an equal opportunity to embrace all of its gifts and experiences.

In our world of 24/7 rapid living, I want to tap into that timeless, honest, and authentic light that runs through each of us. At the end of the day, I want to be part of a movement that sees beyond the various systems that keep us feeling ‘stuck’ or unfulfilled and to work towards a life where each of us is able to live true to ourselves and free of the traps of fear and shame that come with trying to live an inauthentic life.

Please also find me on Twitter @oldsoul1991


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